Our Product

Our Product. Brother Ind serves vegetable delivery for all parts of Indonesia. Currently we have sold fresh vegetables or other plantation products to neighboring countries. You can contact us, if you need the product you are looking for.


jengkol per karung
Our Product

Jengkol is one of the vegetable categories that is very well known in Indonesia in addition to its delicious taste, jengkol contains  high Vitamin and has many benefits for the human body.

Jengkol is one of our superior products. Because the Jengkol  that we sell is Jengkol with export quality. The quality of jengkol available with a large size, larger than other jengkol sizes.  Thecranks  that we sell also have the right doneness so that the jengkol taste that we sell has a fluffy taste when enjoyed.


2. Limes

e is an orange that is commonly used to enhance the taste of chili sauce.  Its distinctive taste adds to the fragrance and enjoyment of the chili sauce made. The limes we sell have good size and quality and are fresh.


Lemongrass is a type of kitchen spice that is commonly used to add flavor to dishes. Lemongrass is alsoused for the production of herbs and health drinks. The lemongrass we sell is of good quality and fresh.

4. Turmeric Leaves

Turmeric leaves are commonly used to complement cooking spices. Turmeric leaves are commonly used in Malay cuisine. Turmeric leaves have a distinctive aroma, so they can be used to eliminate fishy odors in fish.

5. Pete

Pete is one of the types of vegetables that has a very characteristic aroma. Pete is commonly used as a flavoring/complement to cooking. Pete is very delicious when eaten with rice and chili sauce. Pete has a great nutritional content for the human body.


6. Cassava

Cassava is a garden crop that contains rich vitamin which is used for food and medicine. We provide garden produck

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