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Profil Company.

Profil Company. Brothers Ind is company domiciled in Jakarta, Indonesia .The company Sibagus brother ind is rapidly growing company . Our company is engaged in general trading and is engaged in service. Our company is very experienced in all matter of general trading and service .


Our vision and mission is to prioritize the quality of the products we sell so that our products become superior products in various countries. Because for us customer satisfaction comes first. In the future we will also add other products, so that we can meet all consumer needs.

SiBagus Brother Ind has been established since 2017, serving suppliers of vegetable vendors, restaurants, cafes, catering and restaurants. We are one of the domestic suppliers who sell various vegetable products and spices. The variety of vegetable and spice products  that we offer is very varied.  For individuals we also serve whether it is a small party or a large party. And now we take the initiative to expand sales to various countries. To meet food needs to neighboring countries. Hopefully with this expansion, our company will be more advanced and developed. What distinguishes us from other vegetable vendors in the
country is the quality of our goods that are well maintained, and if consumers are dissatisfied with the goods we provide, the consumer has the right to return to us without any charges, besides that we also prioritize customer satisfaction by sending goods ontime and in accordance with the requested needs. In addition, we also follow the policies set by our consumers, such as flexible payment policies andeasy transaction methods. Want to Ask – AskPlease Contact :

Web :https://www.sibagusbrother.com

email : sibagusbrother@gmail.comTelp :
+62 081510396222, +62 082110195302

Address: Jl. H. Taiman Barat 1 No.39 Kel. Gedong Pasar Rebo East Jakarta, Indonesia


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